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Our team includes poultry specialists, livestock specialists, animal nutritionists, agricultural economists, training team, and farmers, all with a solid agricultural background. Our distinction from other consulting companies is that we have first-hand experience of what the farmers are experiencing on daily basis; we accommodate small scale, emerging and commercial farmers as well our affordability. We go anywhere at any given time to get the job done, we assign our team members to manage every detail from construction of facilities, animal health, animal nutrition, animal breeding and genetics as well as general management. We plan all our projects with a long term goal in mind. 

Director of First dynast. He graduated from the University of Limpopo with a B.Sc. Agriculture (animal production) Hons degree. He specialises in Animal science. Pollen is involved at a number of poultry ,goats, pigs and cattle farmers where he does project planning, production planning and advice, animal nutrition and economic evaluation of farming enterprises. He has worked as an intern supervisor for one farm managing up to 102 000 broiler chicken per cycle and worked on another farm as an intern supervisor managing 16 000 layers. Worked as a veterinary assistant in his local animal clinic, As a former agricultural Science teacher from his former high school he is known for his exceptional presentation and training skills. He is also an independent distributor of LHC pharmavet products. See more about me

 A Pig Production Specialist,  A graduate from the University of Limpopo with a B.S.c in Agriculture(Animal Production) Hons degree. He specializes in Animal Science more specially in Pig and Poultry production. He has worked as a production supervisor in a commercial piggery. He has vast knowledge in pig breeding including artificial insemination as well as general management of pigs. Know me more

Graduated from the University of Limpopo with a Bsc In agriculture (animal production). As a qualified agent in the field of Agriculture, he posseses 2 years of experience coupled with knowledge and practical work in poultry, Beef production, pig production, farm management, animal science, game management and more. He conducted research in poultry (Nutrition). He worked for Mortarboard training solutions as a facilitator/mentor for poultry production for 34 students with a production capacity of up to 2000 broiler per cycle, furthermore he joined Meat Naturally Africa as a Fodder production and sales supervisor, running an operation of up to a 1000 grass bales. He now operates in a horse business as an environmental monitor and also involved in horse husbandry, nutrition and/or field work. Read more

 A Bsc(Agric) (Animal Production) honors degree graduates of university of Limpopo. He is currently employed as an assistant at the veterinary clinic that is based at Hluvukani. He is well known at his community for his ability of advising and helping farmers with their animal and the diseases that could affect them. He has taught many farmers about preventative measures. He has also worked as an environmental monitor where he was helping researchers who were collecting samples for their studies. He is well known for his hard works.

Read More about me. A confident and reliable Software Developer with a degree in Bachelor of Science and proficient skills in web-application development, mobile-application development android and iOS, server systems Linux, Windows and ubuntu operating systems