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First Dynast

Est. July 20, 2016
Reg,  2019/590574/07

First dynast agricultural advisory services is an agricultural consulting company, comprises of a team of specialists in the agricultural field.
We have vast knowledge in poultry production, pig production, beef cattle production and we place suitable experts in each field to ensure the various projects that we manage.

 We are more than an average consulting company as we go extra mile to make sure our clients are satisfied and we prioritise each and every client. First dynast currently offers agricultural consultancy focusing mainly on chicken production but is not limited to goat, pig and beef production. At first dynast we assist from structure design, precision farming, disease identification, control and management. Records keeping (production records, financial records, employee records etc), marketing strategies as well as assistance with

access to markets.

Our Mission

To draw more people’s interest in farming and promoting food security
To develop and support farmers through sustainable agriculture
To train and encourage kids to be involved in agriculture

Our Vision

Developing and supporting farmers nationally and internationally

To build and maintain reputable relationships with our clients

To offer super quality services to our clients at fair prices .

Our Values

First dynast is committed to high-quality, affordable services displaying sustainable values and using

high level of expertise to ensure great results to our clients. We prioritise our clients

What Makes Us Different

Our director is a qualified animal scientist with vast experience in animal husbandry

We aim to satisfy and exceed our client’s expectations

We offer better services at affordable prices

Our Partners


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